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Study E.I.S.

with JIm Venable!

I am currently accepting EIS students for private lessons.


I am going to teach the EIS method in the same manner that I learned it from Lyle “Spud” Murphy himself.  This will include a weekly private lesson (60 minutes.)  I will also answer questions via email usually once a week on Sundays.


Book your lessons between now and September 15th and I will offer a reduced rate of $400 for 4 lessons (regular rate is $440.) 

All EIS lessons must be purchased in blocks of 4 or more.


This price does not include the “EIS course materials" which can be purchased (by authorized students only) through Spud's daughter Lilith.  She follows the same same sign up process that her Dad did. 

More info on here:


If you contact Lilith through the site mention that you would like to study with Jim Venable


You can contact me directly to find out more about studying EIS with me.


If you would like more info on the Equal Interval System

If you would like more info on me:


Looking forward to exploring this unique and totally inspiring method of composition with you!

More Info:

If you'd like info on future courses or have questions please fill out below:

Thanks! I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

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